10 Makeup Mistakes That Age You and How to Fix Them

Are you worried about those aging spots on your skin? While often associated with certain lifestyles and advancement in age, aging signs can also appear due to beauty blunders.

Well, makeup makes you feel strong and confident, and look good. In fact many women out there consider it a necessity rather than a luxury. However, if you apply it incorrectly or use the wrong products, it could easily add a few years to your face and skin rather than make you look youthful. Read on to discover some of the top aging makeup mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Wearing the wrong foundation 

Your choice of foundation is very important, but some people often end up picking one that does not match their skin color. Too light will make your skin look lifeless and aged. On the other hand, too dark will drag down your features and add dullness that’s just as aging. Never choose a foundation that is lighter or darker than your own skin. You should actually test different options to see what color works for you.

  1. Not defining your brows