10-second Trick to Stop You from Saying Something You Might Regret Later

​How many times have you blurted out something hateful in the middle of an argument, or because you’re frustrated with someone’s actions? All too often you later regret uttering the words and wish you could take them back.  But the damage has been done and can take a long time to be repaired.

Well, practicing this easy ten-second trick can stop you from saying things in the heat of the moment and could help you resolve issues with a more logical approach.

Who introduced this concept?

The famous actor Craig Ferguson introduced this concept of the ‘ten-second trick’. He devised three questions to ask yourself before blurting out anything that can derail a relationship or escalate arguments. In fact, this trick would help you to hold a meaningful conversation with your significant other and eventually help to strengthen any relationship.

The first question

“Does this need to be said?” It might be the case that you had a bad day and you would be simply venting out your anger on your partner. Is what you’re about to say germane to the conversation? Are you about to say something that you really don’t mean? For instance, “Being in this relationship is the worst mistake I ever made!” Something that will not yield a constructive discussion.

The second question