10 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

We all have the occasional ache or pain, and it’s a part of life, but is that bump an ingrown hair – or a tumor? Is your stomach pain an exercise cramp – or appendicitis? That headache, dehydration, stress – or an aneurysm? According to Dr. Joshua Tobin, director of trauma anesthesiology at the University Of Southern California Keck School Of Medicine “A lot of times, people are worried that they have the rarest cancer you’ve ever heard of on the Internet. Almost never is that the case.”

That’s the good news, but too often people dismiss symptoms that could signal something serious. Below are ten symptoms that should not be ignored. These symptoms may turn out to be nothing, but you won’t know that without seeing a physician.

1. Unexpected Indigestion

If that burrito never bothered you before, don’t blame your heartburn on the nachos – particularly if you have other risk factors for a heart attack such as being over 65, having high cholesterol, pain feels left-sided, vomiting or sweating profusely. Better to call 911 and have a doctor tell you it’s just indigestion than to have your family wishing you had just gone to the hospital in time.

2. Flashes of light