3 Small Changes For a Bigger, Better, Butt

As much as we would like, there is no magic pill that will instantly grow or tone our butts, and no exercise routine that will plump and round out the buttock in just one day, and we all know this.

Many of the butt enhancement methods and exercises on the market work, but like anything worth having, they all take time and determination. In the meantime, there are smaller, seemingly insignificant changes we can make in our daily lives that can go a long way in jump-starting the growth and firmness of the booty.

Incorporate these three small changes in your lifestyle today and watch over time as your booty get shapelier and bigger!

Walk at least three times a week

Most of us – especially if we live in rural or suburban areas – just don’t walk enough. Walking is one of the easiest, cheapest, and the most effective change you can make for your health and body (and the booty loves it). If you’re going a short distance, leave the car at home and walk. Make a conscience effort to incorporate walking into your weekly routine. Doing this just three times a week works your butt muscles while toning up your overall body. Not to mention the money you’ll save on gas.

Take the stairs