38 Kitchen Tricks that You Will Want to Try

The following simple kitchen tricks will help you organize your area more efficiently, clean a room easier, and become a better chef in an instant.

— Apply some baking soda in the oven, and spray with vinegar to remove the grease. Then, use a sponge or a brush to scrape the grime away.

— Put freshly chopped herbs in water or olive oil, and freeze them in a muffin tin or an ice-cube tray.

— Use the Pringles can as spaghetti storage container.

— To prevent spuds from turning brown, cover the diced or shredded potatoes with cold water until ready for cooking.

— To accelerate sponge drying, store them upright in a binder clip.

— Rub hands with baking soda, lemon juice, or stainless steel, to neutralize the onion or garlic scent.

— To prevent rotting, store tomatoes stem end down.

— Wrap the end of a bunch of bananas with plastic wrap, or separate each banana, to prevent too fast ripening.

— To accelerate the ripening of bananas, keep them in a paper bag.

— To soften the butter in a flash, grate it with a cheese grater or flatten it with a rolling pin.

— Use a metal mesh strainer to eliminate the excess egg white, and make delicious and perfect poached eggs.

— Freeze the shelled nuts to preserve their natural oils and extend their shelf life.

— Boil wooden spoons in a pot of water and leave them to dry in the sun to get rid of smells and restore their clean look.

— Use flavorless dental floss to cut soft foods and desserts like cheese and cheesecakes.