5 Foods That Help You Fight Acne

Acne represents an inflammatory skin condition that is now probably the most common health problem for teenagers. Characterized by the appearance of zits, redness, pain and in some cases even scars.

Although there is a tendency towards a decrease in late twenties and early thirties, according to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, even the older generation are not completely immune because acne can occur at any period of life, as a result of poor hygiene, stress, as part of other diseases or therapies with individual drugs, but also as a result of inadequate nutrition and a healthy diet.

Some foods can irritate while others may be beneficial in preventing or easing the occurrence of acne symptoms.

The first thing you should do is to exclude spicy and fatty foods – cooking oil, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, chips, fatty meats, smoked sausage, fatty cheeses, as well as fast food, soft drinks, and emphasize the intake of various vitamins and minerals.

Carrot juice and carrots

Carrots and carrot juice are sources of vitamin A and beta carotene. Vitamin A can provide effects similar to supplements based on retinol that are commonly used in the treatment of acne, and without the risk of adverse effects that often accompany these supplements.