5 Non-diet Tips For Getting Thin

There’s people that seem to look good effortlessly. You’ve probably torn your hair out trying to figure out their secrets and if it’s simply biology. A new study from Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab may have uncovered a couple of clues.

Most slim people don’t employ diets that restrict their eating, intense health regimes to stay healthy. Instead, they practice easy habits like not skipping breakfast and listening to their inner cues.

It’s as simple as maintaining healthy routines. Researchers analyzed the habits of 147 adults who participated in an online Global Healthy Weight Registry, a database in which registered users respond to questions about exercise, diet and daily lifestyle habits.

Participants’ responses highlighted a major takeaway from the study: routine is key. Routine may be boring but it’s a necessity to success. As healthy habits are built into someone’s schedule, they become second nature and feel less like a chore.

Adding new habits to your lifestyle won’t exactly feel natural at first, the more you continue to include them, the easier they’ll be able to maintain. Here are five simple and healthy habits thin people enforce in their daily routines:

1. Eat breakfast.