7-Day Cucumber Diet (With Workout Plan) That Drops Pounds Very Fast

The cucumber diet is ideal if you don’t want to pay much attention to what you eat and still lose some weight. It will help you shed pounds in just under 10 days, but you must be physically active for it to work to it’s maximum.

As the name of the diet indicates, the main ingredient is the cucumber which may be eaten in an unlimited amount. Especially, whenever you feel hungry.

The cucumber by itself has great benefits the body, purifies the organism, cleans intensities, stimulates the metabolism, and helps with the digestion. The same is good for detoxing and helps your body to get rid of the extra water in the organism. It is beneficial for the skin too because it helps removes acnes and cleans the entire skin on your face.

If you decide to reap the benefits of the cucumber, then start with the following meal plan:


Add one chopped cucumber (200 grams) in a cup of low-fat yogurt and enjoy. If you’re still hungry, you can eat a few slices of peaches or apples.


For lunch, you should eat a piece of toast and a bowl of cucumber salad. To shake things up, you can eat a few boiled potatoes with a slice of whole grain toast and some cucumber. Afterwards, you can have 300 grams of fruit salad. For drinks, you’re only allowed tea or coffee with no sugar.


For dinner, you’re only allowed to eat 300 grams of fresh fruit or the same amount of fruit salad.

Between your meals, you can have a fruit salad or cucumber shake. Here’s how to prepare the shake: