8 Hairstyles That Can Damage Your Hair Badly

A woman’s hair can make or break her confidence.  We spend hours grooming it and a butt-load of money making sure it’s healthy and stylish. But did you know that trendy hairstyle just might be the reason your hair is weak and damaged? That’s right, weak hair is not only caused by stress, tension, lack of care, or illness.  Your hairstyle might be the culprit!

Your daily hairstyles can make your hair frizzy, dry, weak, and sometimes it results in extreme hair loss and everyone knows that regaining something after its lost is a hard task.

Check out some of the hairstyles that might be damaging your hair:

  1. High Ponytails

High pony tails are one of the main cause of hair loss or weakening of hair because of pulling of the hair from the hair line/temple region. This hairstyle also makes your hair frizzy and thin

  1. Long Extensions