Are Graham Crackers Healthy?

Supermarket shelves are piled high with cookies and crackers, most of them loaded with sugar, saturated fat, and hydrogenated oils. To the average person, a graham cracker sounds like a wholesome alternative to other sweet and crunchy, but decidedly “bad for you,” cookie and cracker options. So, when a health-minded person reaches the cookie aisle and tosses a box of Graham crackers in their cart, they feel virtuous. After all, they left the chocolate chip cookies on the shelf. Are shoppers who buy Graham crackers making a smart choice? Are graham crackers healthy and a good alternative to the standard cookie?


What’s in a Graham Cracker?


Graham crackers date back to the mid 1800s. These popular cookies that have stood the test of time were the brain child of a minister who developed it as a “bland food” to help curb sexual urges. Despite these rather unconventional beginning, Graham crackers are a cookie people of all ages snack on even today.


Back in the early days of the Graham cracker, they were made using Graham flour, a coarsely textured whole-wheat flour. Times have changed. Most Graham cracker manufacturers today use processed, white flour rather than the whole-wheat variety that went into Graham crackers last century. This, of course, reduces their fiber content and makes them a less healthy cookie alternative.


Are Graham Crackers Healthy: Other Drawbacks to Eating Graham Crackers