Are the Plastic Containers You’re Using Putting Your Children’s Health at Risk?

Doctors seem to think so!

No parent can shield their children from all the dangers in the world. But there are certain things we can do to mitigate some of the potential risks to our loved ones. Once an issue is brought to our attention, we as parents or guardians have the responsibility of accessing the harm and making informed decisions to either believe the threat and take action or wait for more data.

According to a new report done by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), plastics pose a serious health risk. Of course, many of us have already been aware of this and already buying BPA-free plastics. You may have already transitioned from microwaving food in plastic containers to glass containers, and that’s great! The word is definitely spreading about the health risks associated with this harmful chemical.

The Food and Drug Administration and many doctors are warning people of the dangers of plastic, especially when these plastics are reheated. Unfortunately, when heated, these plastics emit various chemicals, most notably BPA and phthalates, which doctors warn are very concerning.

Of course, if you are no longer reheating food in plastic containers, that is a step in the right direction. However, you must also be concerned about plastics that have the “microwave-safe” label on them. Many of these “safe” plastics are anything but safe, especially if they are made in China, and maybe putting your family at risk.

And just who is at risk?