Are You Being Phubbed by Your Partner?

You and your partner are having a deep conversation and the phone rings. Instead of your partner letting it go to voicemail, or just taking a quick peek to see who is calling, your partner holds up a finger to you and takes the phone call.  Taking animatedly to the caller and ignoring you, seemingly forgetting you are even there. You’ve just been phubbed!

Is your partner constantly phubbing you?

According to a study done by Baylor University in Texas, “Phubbing” has the potential to ruin your romantic relationship. For those who do not know, the word “phubbing” is derived from two words “phone and snubbing,” and was coined only in 2012. If your partner ignores you to pay attention to his/her cell, you are being phubbed. Beware, this is a relationship red flag to look out for!

​What the study says

The research was done on more than 450 people to analyze the impact of phubbing on relationships. Needless to say, this habit is on rise and 46 percent of the participants confessed to being phubbed by their partner.

​Other findings