Are You Low In Vitamin C and Don’t Even Know It?

You wouldn’t think that anyone could be vitamin C deficient because everything seems to be fortified with this vitamin.  You’re probably consuming some vitamin C, but is it enough to protect your body? Your body needs adequate levels of vitamin C for prevention against the development of common sickness and serious health problems. As an essential nutrient, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) protects the body against deficiencies in the immune system.

When the body is low in vitamin C, symptoms can manifest in many ways. Take a look at some early signs that your body is deficient in vitamin C.

  1. Your gums swell and bleed easily

Teeth and gums need adequate amounts of vitamin C for optimum health. If your body lacks vitamin C, your gums tend to swell, become inflamed, and bleed easily. Your gums could also recede. Low vitamin C has been linked to periodontitis, according to a study by the American Society for Microbiology. This disease leads to gum infection and damage that could cause tooth loss as well.

  1. Your hair is dry with lots of split ends