Are You Making Any of These 9 Common Hair Mistakes?

Your hair is dull, limp, lacks volume, or is falling out and you can’t identify the reason for its lack of luster.  Maybe it’s because you’re making one or more of these hair care mistakes. The truth is despite using fancy products, we go wrong on a daily basis in the way we take care of our hair.


Over washing your hair with shampoo can often leave your hair dried out and can strip your scalp of natural oils. At most, wash your hair every other day or only twice a week.

Over use of styling products

Straightening iron, hairdryer, hair gels, sprays and mousses, these are just a few of the styling products you use on your hair.  Every morning you feel the need to slather something on your hair, or quickly run the iron past it, or at least hold it in place with some type of gel and blow drying. This practice is wrong for your hair, these appliances rob your hair of its natural moisture, and make it dry and prone to breakage. The damage to your hair and instances of hair loss may be due to the chemicals and heat you are subjecting it to everyday.

Applying conditioner on the scalp

You may not know this, but applying conditioner to your scalp is a mistake. Doing so can actually clog your follicles and slow your hair growth. Apply conditioner only on the ends of your hair to keep it hydrated and protected against potential damage.

Shampooing your hair wrong