Boost Your $ex Life With These Ten Remarkable Foods

Whether you’re looking to spark a waning sex drive or increase your body’s response to physical pleasure, there are foods out there that can help reach your goal. For example, some ingredients can increase endorphin levels while others can help to balance your hormones. Read on to discover ten of the most exciting and useful ways to influence your sex life by changing your diet.

1) Vanilla

Vanilla has a rather boring reputation, but the vanilla bean is actually a nerve stimulant. As a result, vanilla consumption may sensitize your skin and increase the pleasure you feel when your partner touches you. This handy benefit can make foreplay much more exciting and lead to more passionate sex.

2) Asparagus

Since asparagus is well known for changing the scent of your urine, it might not be your first thought when you consider sexy foods. However, the aphrodisiac qualities of this delicious vegetable have been documented since as early as the 17th century. Recent research suggests that asparagus stimulates the libido by making you have more folate at your disposal. In addition, asparagus increases histamine production, and histamine is necessary for orgasm.

3) Pomegranate juice