Don’t Get Married Until  You Answer These Questions Honestly

Sometimes the answer to a marriage proposal should be “NO.”

Before giving your answer, ask yourself these 18 difficult questions.  You have to be honest with yourself to avoid making a gigantic mistake that sometimes takes years to correct.

  1. For better or worse

Are you doing things you would never have done before the relationship? Has your partner encouraged you to go for your dreams, or has he tried to hold you back? Is he happy when you succeed, or intimidated by your accomplishments?

  1. Do we really accept each other?

Does you truly accept each other for who you are? Nobody should be in a situation where they feel they are not allowed to be authentic and accepted for who they are, flaws and all.

  1. Who am I?

How can you know if your partner is a good match if you have no idea who you are?

  1. Am I happy to be in this relationship?

The idea of ​​sharing a life together is not to find someone who makes you happy. But finding that special person who adds to your happiness. If you always struggle with depression or do not feel good about yourself in general, marrying someone hoping to change things is a bad idea.

  1. Do I feel trapped?

Do you really want to be in this relationship or find yourself always looking for an exit strategy? Do you want out but just don’t know how to say so?  Afraid of hurting the other’s feelings?

  1. Is this relationship balanced?