Easy Chicken Costume Your Child Will Love!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To go trick-or-treating, of course! This funny costume is made from two tickly feather boas, ordinary kitchen gloves, tights (white or yellow), and a pilot’s cap that’s crowned with a felt comb. Under the plumage, two leotards are stuffed with batting for extra plumpness.

SAFETY NOTE: This costume is appropriate for children ages 3 and older. Because this costume is assembled from household materials, it does not conform to all of the safety requirements that store-bought costumes do. Therefore, children wearing it should be supervised by an adult at all times. Make sure the chicken-feet shoes fit properly so that your toddler won’t trip over them.


Step 1. For the bodysuit, place one leotard inside the other; use embroidery floss to stitch leg holes together. Fill out leotards with something to give them fullness as you sew, such as a pillow or bag of fiberfill. Stuff fiberfill between both leotards, and sew together at necklines.