Easy-Peasy 2 Minute Hairstyle!

We live for a good blowout and who doesn’t adore perfectly messy waves? But what about the next day when you have a funky little piece here and there that just doesn’t blend with the rest of your style? You could take the time and effort to rework them with a curling iron.

Or you could save your hair from additional heat styling with this quick two-minute fix. By braiding those not-so-cohesive pieces, then pulling it all back into a quick half updo, you can look chic and still be out the door in a flash! Here’s how you can pull it off.

1. Start by grabbing the pieces that just aren’t meshing with your waves. You’ll probably want between three and four small to medium sized pieces at least but more would look fabulous as well.

You may want to spray these pieces with a sea salt spray to add texture or a little of your favorite hair spray to add hold. If you used sea salt spray before adding your waves, you’ll want to forgo both of these options to keep your hair from becoming too stiff and “crunchy.”

2. Now start braiding them! You can make the braids a mix of various sizes or keep them all the same depending on your preferences. These braids aren’t really meant to hold all day so don’t bother putting a pony tail holder at the end.