Effortless Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Whether you just got a last-minute invite to a Halloween party or simply haven’t had the time to plan your costume this year, we’ve got you covered!

These last-minute costumes are the perfect solution to your Halloween costume troubles! In fact, you probably already have these outfits in your closet without even knowing it. If not, it will cost you very little to complete these Halloween looks!

1. Wednesday Addams

You might already have a dress in your closet similar to Wednesday’s. But if not, throw a black dress over a while collared shirt, put your hair in braids and you’re done!

2. Tourists

Dig up all those old travel shirts and and souvenirs that you swore you needed at the time, and channel your inner tourist!

3. Witch

Even though a witch is an obvious choice, it’s too easy not to consider! Plus, you can put your own spin on a witch costume. Basically all you need is a black dress and a black hat, the rest of the costume is up to you!