Eliminate Muffin Tops with These 5 Easy Exercises

Why, you ask yourself, do I have a muffin top? You’re eating clean but still have a muffin top spilling over the side of your pants. The truth is, you could be eating all the right things and still find yourself far from the figure you desire.

What is a muffin top?

In this instance we’re not talking about the delicious top of a muffin. Muffin tops are known as an overflowing of fat that usually occur when someone is wearing a pair of fitted pants. If you are experiencing this spillage, then these five fat targeting workouts are for you.

Note: Always remember to properly warm your body before engaging in exercise. Warming up will insure your body is prepared for the vigorous movement you are about to engage in and keep you injury free.

1. Jump Up Push Ups

Jumping push ups are a perfect workout for fat burning as they can easily raise your heart rate. Increasing your heart will trigger your body’s fat burning mechanism.  Jump up push up’s will also activate almost all the muscles in your upper and lower body , which will further contribute to fat burn.

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.
  • Squat to the floor with hands on either side of your legs.
  • Assume the push up position by pushing your feet back.
  • Perform one push-up, bring your knees back up to your chest.
  • Explode up with a jump, as you reach for the sky with your hands.
  • Repeat three sets of 15 reps.

2. Dumbbell Twist