Exercise Plan 1 – If You’re Overweight

1. Overcome Barriers
Before setting yourself an exercise program, you need to address all the reasons that will stop you from doing it!

I’m too busy – don’t have enough time
It’s all a matter of priorities really… If something is important enough to you, you will make time for it.

I am embarrassed about the way I look when exercising
Find a friend to do it with you or exercise at home.

I’m afraid of injury
Many people start out and do too much in too little time. Find exercise that suits you – and begin with something gentle (i.e. walking).

I don’t have access to any fitness equipment
Walking is something that can be done anywhere, as is home exercise DVDs.

I’m too overweight to exercise
Over time physical activity will become easier. Some exercises are more suited to larger bodies than others (such as swimming, walking, treadmills, and elliptical trainers).

2. Make A Plan
If possible, make a plan of exercise goals, a basic timetable of when, where, and how, you will stick to it.

3. Phasing In
Start with whatever you can achieve. Aim for 20 minutes of walking. If you can’t achieve this, then stop when you can. Your goal is to walk 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

This works! Research shows that even a 30 minute walk can be as effective as something longer.