Food Hacks That Force Your Body To Shed Pounds

According to some experts, such as obesity researcher Stephan Guyenet, the human body resists losing weight because it establishes a “set point” which prevents effective long-term weight loss (and weight gain). Most diets ignore the set point hypothesis and try to trick the body into losing weight. It works in the short term, but most people eventually put the pounds right back on. There are a few ways, however, to “trick” the body into resetting its “set point.” If you do that, then you can lose weight more easily, and permanently.

Coconut Oil/MTC Oil

To reset your body’s set point, you need to get your body to burn ketones for energy. Ketones are produced when you burn fat for energy. Also known as “ketosis,” it’s a state wherein the body doesn’t have enough glucose (sugar) to fuel its activities, so it takes fat from your body and uses it as energy instead. 
This is good news for you because you end up losing weight in the process.

Coconut oil and medium-chain triglyceride oil (MTC oil) oil can help kickstart this process by forcing the body to burn the fat you eat for energy instead of using it in the normal way. Both coconut oil and purified MTC oil are burned by the body for fuel directly.

Most fats you eat require your body to produce lots of bile and bile salts for digestion. MTC oil doesn’t need either to be digested, so it passes easily through the digestive tract and into the gut, where it can be absorbed and used for energy.