Get Sexy Thighs with These 5 Moves (Video)

Here are some of the best ways to get lean, toned thighs.  Remember to consult with a physiotherapist before attempting these exercises if you have any underlying or past leg injuries to make sure they will not result in further damage or put too much stress on the injury.

The great thing about these thigh exercises is that you don’t need any equipment and they can be done almost anywhere, so there is no excuse not to add some into your daily routine.

So let’s get started!

Slowly roll down with your back straight on your mat. The first move we’re going to do will really attack the inner and outer thighs and it’s called crisscross scissors:

1. Crisscross scissors

Place the hands by the sides and lift up your legs. It is very important that your lower back stays pressed into the mat. This way you’ll not going to hurt your back. Now move your legs like scissors and open them as wide as you can. Do these moves for about one minute.

2. Froggers

From the same position, keep your heels together and knees over the hips. Bring your heels towards your butt and push it back up. Keep your knees as wide as possible to work your inner thighs. Push it hard for one minute.

3. Froggers with heels apart

This exercise is the same as the normal froggers, the only difference is that you need to keep your heels wide apart. Try to keep the same distance between your heels the whole time. Do this exercise for about a minute.

4. Legs up and down