Glass Hair, The New Instagram Trend

Every summer there is always a hair trend that’s popular with celebs. This summer it’s “glass hair,” a sleek, short bob with a super shiny finish – hence the glass hair name. You’ve properly seen this look on a number of celebrities including, Jenna Dewan, Rihanna, and the Kardashian clan.

What’s glass hair, you ask? Basically, it’s hair that looks like it was cut from glass. Glass hair has been slowly rippling through the Hollywood crowd all summer.

Even though this trend is being touted as new it’s important to note that Black women have been wearing this style long before this trend became popular.  Celebs like Taraji P. Henson, Kelly Rowland, Regina Hall, and Yvonne Orji have all worn this hairstyle, long before it was dubbed “glass hair.”

You would think that glass hair is a low-maintenance hair style since the hair is first cut into a bob.  But the maintenance comes from getting the high polished shine.   This ultra-reflective style is the result of a ton of hair products. And if you live in a humid climate it’s even harder to pull-off because humidity is the natural enemy of glass hair. But if you can pull it off, the outcome is amazing and chic.

So if you’re looking for a fabulous hair trend to emulate, grab some shine sprays, your round brush, and get to glassing.