How to Create the Perfect Winged Eyes

It takes a little practice and a bit of patience to master the art of winged eyeliner like a pro. You will definitely get there, till then, use these hacks to master the winged look!

Method 1: Creating Winged Eyeliner with Angled Eyeliner Brush


Step By Step Tutorial

1. Dip the angle brush in your eyeliner pot and place it on the outer edge of your eye creating an angle with your temples

2. Place the same brush over the line you just drew in an inverted fashion to create the upper curve of your wing

3. Fill in the blank space between the lines with your eyeliner brush and extend the liner to the inner corner as you normally do.

Method 2: Free Hand Guide

Step By Step Tutorial

1. Take a pencil eyeliner and draw an extended line on the outer edge of your eyes making an angle with your eyebrows. Adjust the length according to your desired length of the wing

2. Now, place the pencil where this line ends and draw a line that flicks inward with a slight curve and extend the line to the inner corner of your eye. If you find it difficult to extend the same line in on one go, extend it at least halfway into your upper lash line and then continue till the inner corner. Try to make sure that the line thins gradually, especially if you have smaller eyes

3. Now, fill up the gap until no skin peeps through from between the upper and the bottom line that forms your wing.