How to Shadow Box

Believe it or not, when you see someone shadowboxing they usually have an aim to what they are doing. Shadow boxing is a synchronized combination of cuts, jabs, hooks and punches depending on the move or reflex of the imaginary opponent. It is not necessarily just random punching and moving, although it could be.

Here are nine different shadowboxing drills for you to incorporate into your workouts:

Movement Shadowboxing

When practicing your movement while shadowboxing, you start out by not throwing any punches. Your goal here is to concentrate on how you are moving around in your boxing stance. Move forwards, backwards, side to side, pivot, hop, pendulum step, etc. This is where you learn to master agility and footwork. Once you get comfortable with the movement you can coordinate it with some punches, but don’t shift your focus off the movement.

Pivot and T Frame Shadowboxing

In this round, while you shadowbox, your focus is on maintaining the T Frame posture, keeping your shoulders above your knees and pivoting correctly while throwing your punches. You can move around in all directions, but at all times, your focus should be on the pivot and T-Frame posture.

Shadowboxing Combinations