“I Will Love You Until…” According To Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to love we all have our breaking point.  Some stay way too long in bad relationships, others will jump ship at the first sign of trouble, but most of us are somewhere in the middle.  Interestingly, have you ever thought of what the breaking point is according to your Zodiac sign?

According to your Zodiac sign, these are the things that will stop you from believing in love.

Gemini: … until you try to outsmart me

A Gemini is the master of deception, so play games with them at your own risk. Once they realize that you are trying to play them, they will drop you fast. They won’t wait for karma to get you, a Gemini will find ways to make you look like an ass on their own.

Aries: …until you Betray me

People under the sign of Aries do not give up on relationships easily and will fight to the end to salvage it.  That is until you betray them, after that you’re on your own.

Taurus: … until you break my heart

Taurus is a person who is very strong, being capable to survive almost everything. But once you break their heart they are less inclined to remain in the relationship because the trust they had in you will be gone and getting that back… almost impossible.

Virgo: … until you start lying

Virgos are trusting and believe that most people are inherently good. So once you start lying to them they become disillusioned with the relationship.  Being dishonest is the fastest way to drive a Virgo away from a relationship. Once the trust is gone, so are they.