If she’s Doing Any of These 10 Things, She May be Cheating

Betrayal in not a one way street.  Women also cheat on their partner for various reasons. Man or woman, no matter the reason, it hurts. Finding out that the person you thought was loyal has been stepping out on you can be devastating and relationship ending.

Your trust in the opposite sex, your trust in yourself to make well-informed decisions, your self-esteem and self-confidence, and a little bit of yourself are eroded.

Cheating is mostly thought of as a man’s game, but in today’s society woman are catching up with men in the cheating department. And that’s not a good thing.

So for a twist, we will look at cheating from a man’s perspective. Guys, if your woman is exhibiting these traits, she might be looking for love (or sex) from someone other than you.

  1. She suddenly wants to know your daily schedule.

When you want to cheat, you try to know as much as possible about your partner’s movements.  It has happened to many unsuspecting men who found out rather harshly when they came home early and walked into their partner going at it with some other guy.

  1. She’s not emotionally invested in the relationship anymore.

She’s become withdrawn and distant with you. She no longer wants to talk with you like you both used to do before. She probably also shows hesitation when it comes to hanging out with you with some excuses like she’s tired. Whenever communication has left a relationship that relationship automatically has an expiration date.

  1. She protects her phone like it’s the nuclear launch codes briefcase.

With the widespread use of social media, this has become one of the quickest ways to catch a cheat. If you notice that your partner has become more active on her phone than before, always seems to be chatting with someone and suddenly develops some kind of possessiveness over her phone, it might be time to have a serious conversations with her. She just could be cheating on you.

  1. She’s been having a lot of “headaches” lately.