Ladies Are You Dating a NFA Man?

If you are, don’t marry him if you want a happy, healthy, and long lasting relationship.

Men are always categorizing women as wife material, play-things, place-holders, or FWB. Many men who would declare a woman less than marriage material seem not to recognize that they are hardly worthy of walking down the aisle for. In fact, they are rarely deserving of any of your time.

Dating a man with no future ambition (NFA) is a recipe for disaster, especially if you have hopes of marrying one.  Not only will your ambitions be hampered but the arguments and disappointments you will suffer in a relationship with a NFA will be endless.

Ask yourself these following questions.  If you can answer yes or can relate, save yourself some headache and dump the NFA you are dating and find someone more suitable for your future.

1. If your man is not physically or mentally challenged but he does nothing as an adult and has no intention of doing anything useful with his life, is he worthy of your time?