Living Longer Study: Wine is More Important than Exercise to Living Past 90

Most of us surely don’t dream of living forever, but every one of us would like to live long enough to be able to watch our grandchildren grow, or even meet our great grand-kids.

Being able to add more candles to the birthday cake every year would be amazing, so we are here to tell you that it is actually possible in a certain( delicious) way.

Scientists for decades have struggled with finding the secret to living a longer fruitful life.  So the 90+ Study was initiated in 2003 to study the oldest-old (people at least 85 and older), the fastest growing age group in the United States.  The 90+ Study is one of the largest studies of the oldest-old in the world. More than 1,600 people have enrolled.  Because little is known about people who achieve this milestone, the remarkable increase in the number of oldest-old presents a public health priority to promote the quality as well as the quantity of life.

Researchers used the data from a 1981 study, named The Leisure World Cohort Study (LWCS) when  14,000 participants were mailed surveys that they had to fill out.

The team of experts was trying to answer several questions, to determine the factors linked to longer life, and the modifiable risk factors for dementia and mortality, and to examine the epidemiology of dementia, the rates of cognitive and functional decline, and the clinical pathological correlations in the oldest-old.

Participants did neurological and neurophysiological tests twice annually, and information about their medical history, diet, activities, medications, and lifestyle habits were carefully collected by the researchers.