Looking to Lose 10-20 Pounds Fast? Try the Avocado Diet

If you’re looking to lose weight in a quick but healthy way, then you should try incorporating avocados into your diet.  Avocado is a super food, loaded with a wide range of vitamins including K, C Potassium, B5 and B6. They contain no cholesterol and no sodium and are low in saturated fats which makes them a healthy ingredient for many kinds of meals.

On top of their nutritional value and deliciousness, they can also help you lose weight. Avocados can make meals more filling, reducing the need to eat more and promoting healthier eating habits in the long run. They are also high in fiber but low in carbs which can also aid in weight loss. Adding this delicious fruit into your diet can put you on the right path to losing weight and making your body stronger and healthier. Which is a much better choice than the boiled egg diet because avocados can be eaten every day… forever!

With all that in mind, we present an avocado diet that fully incorporates the best attributes of the avocado into daily meal planning. As always, please consult your dietitian or doctor before embarking on a new diet to see if it’s right for your needs.


Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (with Avocado and egg)

Lunch: Avocado, Kale, Pineapple and Coconut smoothie

Dinner: Avocado Pasta


Breakfast: Kiwi Avocado Smoothie

Lunch: Avocado Tuna

Dinner: Corn and Avocado Salad


Breakfast: Avocado toast and 1 fruit