Metabolism Booster: Coconut Oil in Your Morning Coffee? Absolutely! Try This Now!

From spritzing it in your hair, to cooking up some fabulous-tasting eggs, coconut oil is making its way to the top of the charts. But have you ever thought about putting some coconut oil into your morning cup of coffee?

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid with a high saturation level. The main fats in coconut oil are caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid. Most fats take much more effort from the body to be digested (26 steps), whereas coconut oil is digested much easier (3 steps). Because it is a medium-chain fatty acid, coconut oil is processed by the liver, so it is converted into energy rather than stored as fat.

Healthy saturated fat is not only good for us, but essential for numerous bodily functions. Coconut oil is described as one of the healthiest saturated fats on the earth. And there are numerous studies supporting some of the health claims that so many of us already know to be true.

Medicinal uses for coconut

In traditional medicine, people use coconut for a wide number of health problems. These include kidney stones, nausea, rash, scurvy, infections, wounds, asthma, colds, constipation, cough, earaches, fevers, jaundice, kidney stones, lice and ulcers, to name a few.

Modern medicine is finally coming alongside traditional medicine and echoing the amazing health benefits of coconut. Published studies in a number of prominent health journals note the benefits of various forms of coconut.