More Than Half of Americans Cheat On Their Diet with This Food

You started your diet thinking I got this.  You’ve visualized yourself at your goal weight and told yourself it’s all about will power.  Now it’s been a few weeks… or days, and the endless parade of greens and tiny portions are starting to weigh you down, and you start daydreaming about a thick juicy burger, or a double scoop of calorie laden ice cream.

We all cheat on our diets and a new study that surveyed 1,000 people found that the most prevalent diet cheat food was pizza (with about 53 percent of respondents listing it as their go-to diet breaking food). Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt since the study was commissioned by the Chicago area’s Home Run Inn pizza chain.

Here’s the breakdown of our favorite cheat foods, besides pizza:

Anything deep-fried: 39 percent

Candy and chocolate: 32 percent

Grilled meat (like burgers): 20 percent

Alcohol: 20 percent

Pasta: 19 percent

Cakes and pies: 16 percent

The survey also noted that women were more likely than men to cheat with chocolate, while men gravitated to burgers or steak.  If you’re from the Northeast you’re more likely to cheat with sweets like cake or cookies. If you’re from the South, fried foods and soda are more your weak point.

The fact is, there are probably several reasons you’re having a hard time sticking to your diet.  And you probably fall into one or more of 5 categories.

See those 5 categories here in this short presentation >>  CLICK HERE