Reflexology for Foot Pain

Our feet bears the maximum stress that we go through every day. From running for our daily chores to carrying heavy groceries, we cannot ignore the good work our feet does for us. Our foot pain may be caused due to external reasons like injury, infection, swelling, sprain, poor fitting shoes and fracture or due to internal reasons like arthritis, gout or edema. Foot pain may occur in any region of the feet-the heels, arch, ankle or ball of the feet. It is always wise to take care of your feet while they’re healthy, as with growing age they might weaken due to decalcification of bones or some other chronic disease like arthritis or gout. Generally our feet are the most ignored parts of the body.

A regular foot massage and foot hygiene is thoroughly recommended for everyone to stand on happy and healthy feet.

Reflexology opens up a broad scope for treatment of almost all physical ailments and foot pain is one of them. Foot reflexology connects some of the key meridian points to the different parts of the body.

Similarly reflexology for foot pain unwinds some of these core areas, which could be stimulated by foot reflexology massage. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese therapy which has seen a big surge in popularity, in the realm of modern holistic therapy. If you want to apply reflexology for foot pain then we need to begin with the causes of foot pain first.

Causes of Foot Pain