Scientists Say Women with Big Butts Have Smarter Kids

Remember when small butts were in vogue, and anyone who had a curvaceous derriere was often thought of as being less attractive body wise? How times have changed. Or should I say how we’ve come full circle because curvy women of yesteryear were once considered more desirable than skinny women for various reasons.

According to science, there is another reason women with a little extra in the trunk should be sought after. Smarter children are born to women who have larger butts.  At least that’s the theory of some scientists. The research that was conducted on approximately 16,000 women showed a significant connection between the extra weight in the area of women’s butts and the intelligence of their offspring.

Research shows that 1 of 3 Americans are classified as being overweight. Even though more, and more people are carrying additional pounds than they did a few decades ago, society often puts a negative spin on the extra weight most of us carry.

Although living an unhealthy life and increasing the pounds on a day-to-day basis can have detrimental affects, scientists explain that not all weight should be deemed as negative. Where the weight is distributed has to be taken into consideration. For example, hourglass-shaped women on average are healthier than apple-shaped women because of where their fat is situated. The claim is, the location of the fat on the thighs and buttocks, help produce smarter, healthier babies.