Six Fashion Blunders That Are Making You Look Fat

Although you can’t pack on the pounds simply by wearing unflattering clothes, making poor fashion choices can certainly make you look fatter. Your body shape is dramatically influenced by what you wear, and everything from the wrong colors to the material of your dress could make you look several sizes larger. Here are six common mistakes that can be instantly corrected in order to create a slimmer figure.

1. Wearing the wrong underwear

Don’t assume that your underwear only matters if you’re planning to show it to someone. If your underwear is too tight or sits too low on your hips, you could end up with a muffin top of flesh that can be seen through your clothes. In contrast, underwear with a thick, stretchy waistband can flatten your lower abdomen and help to give you a svelte silhouette.

2. Choosing baggy clothes

If you’re insecure about your body then your first impulse might be to reach for shapeless, loose outfits that hide any lumps or bumps. However, this type of look just makes you look larger. The key is to wear a baggy item of clothing on your bigger half and to wear something more form-fitting on the other half. For example, pair a baggy skirt with a tighter vest, or show off long legs with a short dress that is looser at the top.

3. High-Water Pants