Solving the Five Relationship Problems That Ruin $ex Lives

Every sex life waxes and wanes, but a dry spell of months or years warrants some serious consideration. While problems with physical intimacy are sometimes caused by physical problems, many couples come up against tricky psychological issues that undermine intimacy. Read on to learn how you can work to solve the five major emotional problems that ruin $ex lives.

1.  Low self-esteem

A lack of self-esteem can cause reticence to engage in sexual activity or a reserved approach to physical intimacy that misleadingly suggests a lack of enthusiasm. After all, it’s hard to let yourself go and enjoy being playful if you’re constantly worried that your partner is negatively evaluating your body or your sexual performance. If this sounds like a familiar picture, make sure you confide in your partner about your feelings so as to make it clear that the relationship itself is not in trouble. Sometimes just talking about this can help to increase comfort levels between the two of you, and you can start thinking about ways to actively boost your self-confidence. Whether you choose to arrange therapy to discuss the roots of your insecurities or simply feel you need to hit the gym for a few months, being proactive is the key to solving this cause of sexual problems.

2.  Dealing with a new member of the family