Staying Friends with Your Ex: When You SHOULD and SHOULDN’T!

If you’ve gone through a breakup that’s hasn’t been nasty, you may be asking yourself “Should I remain friends with my ex?”

This is a tough question, and not an easy decision to make. How can you decide whether to stay friends with someone you’ve dated after the spark is gone?

Sometimes the choice is easy to make if children are involved. You may have to co-parent with your ex and being amicable towards your him is beneficial to your child.

If no children are involved you might want to ask yourself “Why do I want to keep this person in my life?” Do your ex has qualities that enhance your life? Do you think by staying friends you might be able to rekindle the romance? Are you afraid of being alone and not ready to let your ex go completely?

The motive for wanting your ex to remain in your life is key. And the new friendship relationship must be mutual.  Also, it would be hard to be friends with your ex, if you are still hurt by the ending of the relationship.

So, when should you and when shouldn’t you stay with an ex?

How you broke up is the important factor as to whether you can remain friends.  If it was an unexpected and bad break up, the reality is that you cannot stay friends. Maybe, eventually later in life, but not immediately after you break up.