Tasty Teas for Good Health

Tea has been consumed by many civilizations for centuries as it is easy to blend and steep to a tasty perfection. Ancient Asian cultures used tea for its medicinal purposes as it can heal the mind and body. In modern times, the tea industry has exploded into a worldwide market. You can find tea shops in most urban settings that provide specific tools and tea blends for the tea connoisseur.

In the tea world, there are many tasty blends that do magical things for your body, such as fight off cancer and disease, but it can be a little confusing trying to pick out the right one for your specific needs. Of all the thousands of flavors and blends in the market today, these teas can be broken down into four basic groups so you can decide which type best suits your health and dietary needs.

green_tea_pot 225

GREEN TEA has been consumed and used as a medical treatment to stop bleeding by people in China, Japan, and India for centuries. It is one of the least-processed teas, so it is loaded with antioxidants that will help your body get rid of bacteria and fight infections. Green tea has only recently become popular in North America as people are learning just how many health benefits are associated with it. This tea contains no calories, so it is great for people who are trying to lose weight. If you are looking to prevent cancer from attacking your body, green tea has you covered there as well.