Your body burns energy (calories) from either fat or carbohydrates depending on the intensity of your activity.
Now the question is, which energy source (fat or carbohydrates) is better for weight loss and slim down?
Before going further, it’s important to note that calories are calories when it comes weight loss, and you’re going to need to burn calories both from fat and carbohydrates when you’re trying to lose weight.

Women’s fitness has come a long way since the Jane Fonda days but one thing that still baffles most women is when it comes to weight loss is whether burning fat is better than burning total calories? And are those cardio machines at the gym right with their magic ‘fat burning zones’?

The answer is a confusing yes, and no. Yes, there is a slight bit of truth to the fat burning zone, however in its usefulness for weight loss, the research has been misinterpreted.

The concept is that by working out at a lower intensity “fat burning zone” the body doesn’t require getting energy quickly from carbohydrates, and therefore burns more body fat. The reality as we’ll see is different.

Let’s take two 20 minute treadmill workouts and compare.

Workout A is our lower intensity workout – walking at 3mph on the treadmill
Workout B is higher intensity – running at 6mph on the treadmill.

According to the “fat burning zone” theory the lower intensity workout should burn more body fat right? Wrong. You can sure see why people get confused.