The Disturbing Truth About Butt Implants

“Baby Got Back!”

Unbelievable fashion trends have plagued humanity for the duration of recorded history. For most adults, the only scars left from their attempts to be stylish are embarrassing photos, but modern trends have grown increasingly less forgiving. A major trend that has emerged in the last few years is an exaggerated, hourglass-shaped body line. Countless girls have gone under the knife to achieve what are often unnatural proportions. While breast augmentations have consistently been the number one surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the United States for years, they are only one-half of the hourglass equation.

Larges behinds have been a focus of beauty in rap culture for some time, perhaps first coming to surface in mainstream media with Sir-Mix-Alot’s 1992 hit “Baby Got Back”. Nicki Minaj, a popular contemporary female rapper, sampled this tune in her 2014 song “Anaconda”. Miss Minaj is known for her large derriere, which she flaunted in her “Anaconda” video by “twerking”, a dance style where an individual rhythmically shakes their hips to cause the fat of their buttocks to bounce. America’s most popular reality television family, the Kardashians, are famously known for their large rears.