The Essential Oil That Reduces Dementia Symptoms, According to New Studies

Recent research studies suggest that melissa essential oil, also known as lemon balm oil, may help improve cognitive function and decrease agitation in people diagnosed with various dementia conditions including Alzheimer’s disease. Common symptoms of dementia, especially in the later stages, include agitation, aggression, depression, delusions, wandering, sleeping problems, and hallucinations.

Drugs sometimes help to manage the condition but often with unpleasant — or even dangerous — side effects. In contrast lemon balm has shown sedative and anti-anxiety effects without the bad effects in studies of healthy people.

Unfortunately, subsequent studies has dampened some of the enthusiasm created by the initial study of lemon balm oil on the effects of Alzheimer’s.  The research is conflicting, but it seems melissa oil does potentially do as well as medication can in some instances.


May Help Lowers High Blood Pressure

Melissa oil helps in reducing blood pressure levels. There is a link between it and electrocardiogram alternations, according study published in Research in Cardiovascular Medicine. With the electrical activity of the heart this test detects issues.

Prevents Inflammation

Studies suggest that melissa oil can be taken internally or applied topically to reduce swelling and relieve pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Prevents and Treats Infections