The Real Dirt on “No-Poo” Hair Washing

You may have heard of “no-poo” hair washing. You may even be a little grossed out by the idea. After all, who in their right mind willingly gives up on washing their hair? Do people who subscribe to a no-poo regime have friends? Can they hold down jobs? Is it really possible to wash hair without shampoo without becoming a greasy, lice-infested pariah?

The answer is yes. No-poo doesn’t equate to lack of hygiene or not washing hair at all. It simply means that you use methods other than shampoo to remove dust, oil and dead skin cells. It’s actually very important to maintain a regular hair-care regime, even when soaps and chemicals aren’t in the picture.

Here are a few reasons people cite for switching to a no-shampoo hair washing method:

1) Environmentally Sound

Shampoos typically contain pollution-causing sulphates. They also contain other trace chemicals and particles that wastewater treatment plants aren’t designed to handle. All of these chemicals end up in the environment. Why contribute to that if you don’t have to?

2) No More Greasy Hair and Dandruff

Regular shampooing can dry out the scalp, causing dandruff, overproduction of oil, or a combination of the two. Switching to a no-shampoo hair regime means the scalp isn’t overcompensating for dryness.

3) Save Money!