The Woman Who “Hates” Everyone Actually Makes a Great Partner

Here’s why:

1. She is mature. She knows how to handle herself and her emotions. Because people get on her nerve so often, she’s learned how to deal with them calmly. After all, she can’t give the finger to everyone!

2. The conversations with her will be always meaningful. She hates small talk which means you can always look forward to having a deep conversation with her. She will expand your mind with new knowledge every time, thus challenging you and your intellect.

3. She is loyal. She will never be unfaithful because dealing with one man is already a challenge for her. She doesn’t have the patience for dealing with two.

4. Because she hates almost anyone, she has the best friends in the world. She doesn’t put up with energy vampires and time wasters. That means that the people she lets in her circle are pretty amazing.