This Exercise Burns More Calories in 10 Minutes than 30 Minutes of Jogging

Not everyone can run for exercise on a regular basis.  Whether the thought of jogging along a path fills you with dread (fear of dogs, crime, etc.) or you suffer from joint pain, or bad knees, there is another way to burn calories without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

The only equipment you need for this workout is a jump rope!

By doing it regularly you can get numerous benefits, such as a whole body workout.

Jumping rope not only works your leg muscles but also work on your abs, arms, legs, back and shoulders.

It Burns Calories

10 minutes of rope jumping is equal to half an hour of jogging when it comes to burning calories. While improving your cardiovascular system.

It Improves Coordination

Are you a klutz? If you want to become more coordinated then skipping rope should be given a try. It improves your balance, reflexes and coordination.

It’s Versatile

This exercise can be performed everywhere you want, in the gym, at home, on the beach or even in the garden.

Jump Roping Tips: