Tighten Your Belly in 1 Month with the Plank Challenge

Are you unhappy with the condition of your belly? Are you dreaming about having six packs abs? Or you just what to tone and strengthen your mid-section?  Not going to lie, you’re going to have to put in a little work.

I’m betting you’ve heard of planks. Maybe you’ve steered away from them because you thought they were too hard, or maybe you didn’t realize how effective they are at toning and shaping your core. Whatever your reason for avoiding planks, it’s time to embrace them if you want tight abs.

Unlike crunches, which are more common in abs workouts, the plank is a static exercise, but movement can be added to effect a faster change and work more of your core muscles. However, this fact does not make it easier.  The main emphasis of planks is always on the upper torso.

The so-called corset muscles are largely exerted when you are standing in the plank position. It might seem to be easy but, trust us, this single exercise will make you sweat harder than a hundred crunches. The thing is that your muscles are always tense during a static workout.

This way they will become stronger in a shorter period of time.

Time to get stated and get that belly toned. Today we want to challenge you. This challenge is going to last for 21 days so the tasks will be split into 3 weeks. Let’s nail it!


Credit: BetterMe

Hold the plank for at least 30 seconds. You can increase it to 60 when it gets easy to hold the position.


Credit: BetterMe