Update Your Beauty Routine for Fall

While you may be prepared to swap your summer tanks and shorts for soft sweaters and comfortable jeans this fall, you may not have considered the changes that you should make to your beauty routine as the season changes. The cooler, drier weather will affect your skin and hair, especially if you spent hours basking in the heat of the summer sun. Here are a few tips that will keep you looking your best as you make the switch from summer to autumn.


Start at the Top


Your hair experienced every second of your time on the beach or in the pool, and it will need a bit of pampering to help it recover. If your hair is now dry and damaged, and a therapeutic treatment will help restore its moisture while keeping frays and split ends at bay. You may also notice that your natural highlights are starting to fade now that you are not spending as much time outside. This is the perfect opportunity to update your color and to find a new cut that will help you feel beautiful and confident this fall.


Change Your Cleanser