Vampire Therapy, the Extraordinary Treatment That Can Reverse Ageing

Creepy or legitimate treatment? 

Transfusing young blood into your body can reverse the effects of ageing, improve your brain power as well as your sex life. At first, you may think these claims about the benefits of so-called vampire therapy should be taken with a pinch of salt. Yet, research done by scientists at highly respected institutions such as Harvard University, appear to back up some of these assertions.

Vampire therapy is also behind a number of cosmetic beauty treatments endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Yet, what’s the truth about vampire therapy? Can injecting younger or treated blood really make such a difference? Here’s more information about both the scientific and cosmetic sides to this latest trend that’s generated so much interest in recent months.

What is vampire therapy?

A small amount of blood is taken from a younger person and injected into an older person. It’s thought the younger blood has many health benefits that older blood has lost over time. Otherwise, the blood is taken from someone, processed to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and then this beneficial PRP is injected back into that same person. The blood can be injected into a specific part of the body such as, for example, to enhance facial skin or the vagina, or it can be transfused to improve someone’s general well-being.

Is there scientific evidence to support vampire therapy?