Video to Help Get a Banging Butt!

Doing nothing is not going to get you the banging butt you desire.  You will need to put in a little work. Surprisingly, tightening your derriere is not difficult to do and results are seen fairly early.

These butt exercises are intended to help you isolate and focus your muscular tension on your glutes to make your butt bigger. If you are primarily feeling the tension in your hamstring or lower back, keep doing them daily, the focus will relocation to your glutes.

By doing these workouts on your butt for a couple of minutes every day you will develop a daily routine  that will help you to increase your butt size while tightening and firming its shape.

Lung Kicks

Step 1: Stand straight up and tighten your core muscles. Keep you back flat, and the shoulders pulled down and back. Look straight ahead. You are now in the starting position.

Step 2: Take a step backward by bending at your hips and knees. Lower your body until your back legs knee is almost touching the ground and pause at the bottom position. Make sure you keep your knee in line with your foot and your back straight.

Step 3: Drive through the heel of your front leg by extending at your knee and hips.

Step 4: As you are rising swing your back leg forwards into a front kick. You can make the kick portion harder by attempting to touch your toe with the hand on the opposite side of the leg kicked.